Thursday, April 28, 2011

Big Bass Returning

After been catching lots of schoolie's over the last couple of week's, today seen the better stamp of fish returning (well for me anyway). Landed about a dozen bass today from 3lb up to about 9lb most of them all over the 5lb mark. All fish were took on the mighty xlayer, i chopped and changed a few time's when i had the fish in front of me, from gatoride's to x140's and surface lure's and could not catch, back on with the xlayer and fish on again. Who ever said easterly's were bad for fishing anyway?

Friday, March 25, 2011


Managed to hook a very nice mullet last night while fishing for seatrout, i was getting plenty of hits off the trout with no real solid hook ups, but when i did hook a fish i thought it was the trout of a lifetime. After a 5min scrap and several runs i eventually seen the stripes on the flank of the fish and i knew it wasn't one of the big trout jumping around me.The fish was hooked on the nose, so he must of had some interest in the lure, so i keep telling myself anyway. The fish was very thick and well conditioned and must have weighed about 7lbs. I really don't know why i don't target these fish more as they would put a bass to shame pound for pound.

Rod - Savage Gear Bushwacker 7ft 6in 3~18grms
Reel - Shimano Twin Power 2500fc
Line - Daiwa Shinobi Braid (10lb test)
Leader - 10lb Berkly Vanish Flouro
Lure - Smith Cherry Blood 75 MD